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There is no psychiatrist in the world like    a puppy licking your face.  ~ 

Ben Williams



We have puppies born on 1st April 2021.
All puppies are reserved.

If you have serious interest in a puppy in future,
please, write us on email:
or you can use formulary
I am interested

- why did you decided about RR?

- do you have interest of dog / bitch, show promising quality or only pet and member of family?

- what condition do you have for puppy (flat, house, how much of time can you to take care of him ) ?

- from which country and place are you, do you have some experiences with dogs?


On 23th of December were born our 11 “HONEY” puppies.
We have 3 boys and 8 girls.
All puppies are in new homes.

thanks for work, Snezka Kuralt

Our Berry won in prestige Club competition title:

Veteran of year 2018 SKCHR!

With big thanks for Gift of new life we announce, 8 puppies were born on 5th October 2017,

we have 3 boys and 5 girls, all puppies are nice and healthy,

mother Elisha is doing well and enjoy to be mother.

More pictures here:

Diary of puppies here:
Informations about parents of litter here:

Individually informations of puppies here:
All “GIFT” puppies are in new home.

News in Ridgeback shop:

Hand made collars and show leads

Jewellery Rhodesian Ridgeback 7 €

28 x 20 x 1,3 mm,  chain 45 cm

material - zink and

Gold plated             or                Silver plated


13th April 2016:

We have puppies - 4 boys and 5 girls.
All puppies are in new home.


Big thanks Šárka Štusáková for pictures of Rhon, Dominika Haršániová for pictures of Berry
and Gabriela Štefuňová for graphic!